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10/01/14 | Inherently Safe ESTOP Operates to 2500 Meters
MICRONOR introduces the MR380 Fiber Optic Emergency Stop Pushbutton System which is an inherently safe, ESTOP functional safety compliant solution for industrial automation, robotic, medical, mines and other harsh/hazardous environmental applications. The system consists of a passive ESTOP pushbutton Sensor which connects to a remote DIN rail mount Controller Module via an industry standard OM1 duplex 62.5/125 multimode fiber optic link. The MR380 series has a generous system loss budget, allows for long distance operation, complex routing and daisy chaining of multiple swtiches.

05/23/14 | ECN Article features Micronor MRI Safe Fiber Optic Sensors
The May-2014 issue of Electronic Component News (ECN) magazine features the Micronor article Fiber Optic Sensors Enable New MRI Applications. The article provides an overview of fiber optic sensors and highlights 3 case studies utilizing Micronor MRI safe sensors:
  • MRI safe patient padaling system (Marquette University)
  • MRI safe treadmill for advanced cardiac stress testing (EXCMR)
  • MRI safe device for studying mechanics of traumatic brain injury (The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine)

    01/01/14 | Micronor Upgrades MR330 To 14-Bit Resolution
    To celebrate 2014, Micronor has increased the single-turn resolution of the MR330 series Fiber Optic Position Sensor from 13-bits to 14-bits. This was achieved with improved electronics and the firmware-based algorithm in the MR330-1 Controller. The new production MR330-1 Controllers are backwards compatible with older models and older Controllers can be upgraded for a nominal charge. Contact Micronor sales for additional information.

    08/29/13 | World's First MRI Safe 13-bit Absolute Rotary Encoder
    MR338 is the world's first commercially-available, MRI-compatible fiber optic absolute rotary encoder. The innovative all-optical, non-metallic passive sensor design provides high resolution 13-bit (8192-count) absolute angular position over 0°-360° plus 12-bit (4096-count) multi-turn tracking. The encoder is designed for use in functional-MRI research, MRI teach phantoms, EMC test and other challenging electromagnetic environments where EMF and RF transparency is required.

    05/10/13 | Micronor Celebrates 10 Years of Fiber Optic Sensor Innovation
    May 2013 marks 10 years since Micronor Inc. was first established in a modest business unit on Old Conejo Road in Newbury Park, California. In additional to providing sales and service for Micronor AG products in the North America, Micronor Inc. brought together a group of ambitious fiber optic engineers who spent the next 10 years creating innovative fiber optic sensors. We branded them ZapFREE® because of their immunity to EMI, RFI and lightning.
  • 2004-World's First Commercial FO Incremental Encoder (MR310)
  • 2007-FO Incremental Encoder US Patent 7,196,320 Approved
  • 2010-World's First Commercial MRI-compatible FO Encoder (MR318)
  • 2011-World's First 13-bit FO Position Sensor (MR330)
  • 2012-World's First Commercial MRI-compatible FO Position Sensor (MR338)
  • 2013-FO Absolute Position Sensor US Patent 8,461,514 Approved
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